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How to contact me. I use several addresses, depending on what the mail is about. Please respect these indications, as it will speed up things for me, and as a consequence for you.
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My resume can be found here.
About this page. This site was made using Vim , the text editor, and GIMP . It is intended to be fully compatible with text-only browsers.

This page is intended as a personal field of expression and a free help, engaging none other than me, and in particular not its host.

I am strongly in favor of the free diffusion of electronical media and informations. I thus incourage you to feel free to use and spread all documents of which I am the author, provided you mention my name.
However, when copyrights are presents, or authors names are mentionned, and in order to incourage these authors to continue their work, I thank you to be careful of the use you do of these works, and in particular of the eventual redistributions you could make of them.
In the same course of ideas, when authors names are not mentioned it only means that I have not this information, and assumed I could safely publish these works. If you recognise works that are not properly acknowledged, or that you have produced and don't want published on my page, please inform me, so I can correct that mistake.

I tried as much as was possible to make information on this page accurate and up to date. If you notice any error, or simply have comments on contents, accuracy, presentation, etc..., please refer me your opinion at the first address above.