Using the WasPHP interface begins at the login page:
Login page

Type your login name and password in the adequate boxes, and press Enter, or click on the Login button.

If you do not already have a login name, contact the site administrator, or use the e-mail resgistration forms if available (see the Registering section below).

If the e-mail registration system is active on the site, the log-in page displays two links below the log-in box:
Registration links

Click on the first one to request an e-mail registration:
Registration form

Complete the form with the user name you wish to use, and choose a password. Complete this form by a valid e-mail address (it is needed to validate your registration). Press Enter, or click on the Send button to send the request. If you chose a username that was valid and available, an e-mail will be sent to the address you provided, with a code enabling you to validate your registration.

Use the second link to display a validation form:
Registration confirmation

Fill in the boxes with the login you chose, and the validation code you received, and press Enter, or click on the Accept button to finish your registration.

You can now use your login and password to access your account management page.

Account management
The account management page offers several links to management options:
Account management

Displaying information
The main account management page always displays basic information about your account:
User information
Like every user, you are a member of at least one group (usually the users group), which is your main rattachement group. This group gives you some basic permissions, defined by the site's administrator. Your privileges can be extended by making you members of other groups, or on an individual basis.

All registered users on the site can consult your profile, that you can display with the Profile button:
User profile

You can freely edit this information, except for group memberships, that are granted by the site's administrator. Note that the e-mail address displayed in your profile is not the address you used to register, which is kept confidential. This address is only displayed in your account information page, that only you and the site's administrator can access.
Changing information
The Ch. Password button lets you modify your password. Click it to obtain a password change form:
Changing your password

Type twice your new password in the top two boxes, and your old password in the bottom box. Then, click on Change or press Enter to set your new password. The password change is immediate.

Your user information and profile data can be changed by filling out the forms obtained by clicking, respectively, Ch. Info and Ch. Profile. Edit the fields as necessary, then type your password in the bottom box, and validate the form, by clicking on Change, or pressing the Enter key.

Changing your user information

Changing your profile data

Note that the mail address in this form will be displayed for other users.